2020-09-27: New product launch- QDx Dengue NS1

NS1 Detection: For early diagnosis of DV

Detection of the DV nonstructural protein 1 (NS1) has emerged as an alternative biomarker to both serologic and molecular based techniques for diagnosis of acute DV infection.

NS1 is detectable within 24 hours and up to 9 days following symptoms onset, often  prior to IgM sero conversion. Concurrent testing for the NS1 antigen alongside IgM- and IgG-class antibodies to DV provides optimal diagnostic potential for both early and late infection.

Early clinical findings recognizing early signs of shock and initiating intensive supportive therapy can reduce risk of death among patients with severe dengue to <0.5%.

QDx Dengue NS1 Ag test is a serum based test on the principle of lateral flow Immuno-chromatography to detect the non-structural protein NS1 of Dengue Virus from Human blood during the acute phase (0-7 Days) of the infection. The test uses synthetically labeled antibodies to detect the NS1 protein.