2020-09-27: New product launch- QDx Malaria PAN/Pf

World Health Organization (WHO) while trying to eliminate presumptive drug treatment of malaria, makes the recommendation of parasite-based diagnosis in all cases.

Early and accurate diagnosis of malaria is necessary in improving the effectiveness of Malaria management.

DiaSys Diagnostics India Pvt. Ltd introduces a new, high sensitive “QDx Malaria PAN/Pf”- an antigen detection kit based on Immuno-chromatography assay for the qualitative detection and differentiation of P. falciparum from other Plasmodium species in human blood as an aid in the diagnosis of Malaria.

The kit has a capability of detecting low parasitic count so as to meet the WHO requirement. It provides ease of interpretation with two color band to differentiate control and test band during the screening of patient samples within time range of 5-20 minutes.