2021-07-30: New product launch- Urine Analysis Solution

Urine Analysis is the first laboratory test performed in medicine. It has been used as one of the diagnostic tool since several years. Today urinalysis continues to be a powerful tool in obtaining crucial information for diagnostic purposes in medicine. In the laboratory, urine can be characterized by physical appearance, chemical composition, and microscopic findings. Depending on mode of testing used it is categorized as visual, semi-automated, fully automated and sediment.

QDx UriLyzer100 Pro - A semi-automated, rapid, reliable, robust solution for routine urine analysis. A trusted system for laboratories, hospitals and doctor’s clinic.

QDx UriLyzer100 Pro in combination with urine test strips QDx Urine10 Pro provides pertinacious, efficient and high quality test results.

Unique features of the product :

• Sediment flagging

• Ascorbic acid protection

• Lacquer printed label