Copper FS

Copper is an essential trace mineral in humans and has multiple functions in the body. It helps to release energy, supports melanin production in the skin, aids the production of red blood cells as well as absorption and transport of iron. Acquired copper deficiency can cause hematological and neurological manifestations. A small portion is bound to apoceruloplasmin in the liver reaching the tissues via the blood stream. Approximately 90% of serum copper is present in the form of ceruloplasmin.

DiaSys Copper FS

  • Liquid-stable, mono reagent
  • Direct colorimetric DiBr-PAESA method
  • Linearity: 500 µg/dL and sensitivity: 3 µg/dL
  • Without deproteinization on serum and plasma
  • End-Point reaction in 5 min at 37 °C
  • Standard included in the kit