Procalcitonin (PCT)

Procalcitonin (PCT) is a 116 amino acid protein, the prohormone of calcitonin. Whereas hormonally active calcitonin is produced exclusively in the C-cells of the thyroid gland after specific intracellular proteolytic accelerated procession of the prohormone PCT, PCT is ubiquitously and uniformly expressed in multiple tissues throughout the body in response to sepsis. In healthy conditions, the PCT levels in circulation are very low (< 0.05 ng/mL).

Elevated circulating levels of PCT are important indicators in response to microbial infections and a powerful tool in the early detection of sepsis. Elevated PCT may not always be caused by systemic bacterial infection. If there is a disagreement between the laboratory findings and the clinical signs, additional tests should be performed.

Salient Features of DiaSys PCT

  • Liquid Stable; Ready-to-use
  • Latex enhanced immunoturbidimetric assay
  • Two reagent system
  • Linearity : 52 ng/mL and sensitivity : 0.16 ng/mL
  • Calibrator included in the kit
  • Fast test results (10 minutes) for a rapid turnaround time
  • Reagent on-board stability: Four weeks