Semi-automated Clinical Chemistry Analyser

Excellence Assured

DiaSys India and Riele GmbH with more than 20 years of collaboration are known to provide state of art semi-automated clinical chemistry analysers named Photometer 505. Now this relationship has set a new milestone with launch of Photometer 505. Photometer 505 is designed, developed and manufactured with specific feature enhancements for customers of Indian subcontinent.

Photometer 505 ensures excellence as it is equipped with-

  •   Superior German Flow cell which ensures precise light control.
  •   LED (light emitting diode) which has a very long life span and half of the energy     consumption when we compare the same to traditional Quartz halogen lamps.
  •   Three lenses and two diaphragms which gives precise and accurate results.

In, the recent months we have received overwhelming response from end users and are eying to make a permanent mark in Indian IVD industry. It’s actually a “Made in Germany” product which is in true sense  “Made for India”. Photometer 505 is CE and ISO: 13485 certified and is one of the most advanced new generation semi-automated analyser currently in the market.

Technical Specifications

Type Semi-automatic, single-beam filter photometer
Light Source LED with long life
Wavelength 340 nm - 623 nm
Wavelength Selection Automatic via 9-position filter wheel : 6 standard interference filters: 340 nm, 405 nm, 492 nm, 546 nm, 578 nm, and 623 nm (all +/- 4 nm); 3 positions for optional filters of choice
Photometric Range 0 - 3.0 A
Cuvette System Micro flow cell: 32 µI, 10 mm light path inter changeable with normal standard cuvettes (macro or semi-micro, disposable or special optical glass)
Temperature Control Advance peltier system to maintain consistent temperature at 37 °C
Aspiration System Peristaltic pump driven by stepper motor, programmable aspiration volume
Aspiration Volume Minimum 250 µI, typically 500 µI up to 2000 µI; Separate setting of aspirate volume and wash volume
Operator Interface Touchscreen for direct functions and alphanumeric inputs
Integrated Printer Thermal printer, 24 characters per line
Languages English and optional (French/ German/ Indonesian/ Russian/ Spanish/ Polish)
Data Logging Up to 1000 results can be saved in the memory automatically
Measurement Procedures Absorbance; End point with factor, standard or multiple standards, with or without reagent blank and/or sample blank
Quality Control Up to 50 methods can be controlled with two control serums, Levey Jennings plot
Measuring Time Kinetic: variable from 3 - 19 deltas, time per delta 3 - 255 s; Fixed time: variable from 0 - 1800 s
Delay Time Programmable from 0 - 1800 s
Dimensions Length 29 cm x width 20 cm x height 12 cm
Weight 2.4 kg