SYS 200 Pro

DiaSys is the leading specialist in development & manufacturing of diagnostic systems of high quality combined with east of use and reduced environmental burden.

We are a leader in R & D, Manufacturing & Supply of clinical chemistry reagents. Billions of tests are performed each year using our products.

With broad menu of more than 80 parameters including cardiovascular, Diabetes, renal, liver & metabolic syndrome profiles.

Our reagents feature excellent stability, exceptional performance, accommodating packaging proven quality and timely services.

SYS 200 Pro is very awaited upgradation in 200 Throughput segment. Its another example of complete DiaSys Solution in clinical chemistry.

The instrument is loaded with features which not only help to run routine chemistry & Immunoturbidimetric parameters but also on-board haemolysis for Hba1c.

Features of SYS 200 Pro

  • System Type - Random Access, Fully Automatic Biochemistry analyser
  • Throughput - Constant Speed - 240 Test/Hour (Photometric), up to 480 Test/hour with ISE (Optional)
  • Assay Type - End Point,2 Point End, Kinetic, Fixed time etc.
  • Photometry principle - Holographic Concave flat field grating, rear spectrophotometry
  • Wavelength - 340nm to 800 nm,12 wavelengths
  • Probes - Single Sample probe & Reagent Probe
  • 60 nm inner and outer polished probe
  • On board haemolysis – HbA1c
  • On board Laundry
  • User friendly software

Technical Specifications

Analytical systemFully automated, random-access clinical chemistry system with STAT capability
Analytical PrinciplesSpectrophotometry and potentiometry
Assay TypesEndpoint, Rate, fixed point and indirect ISE(optional)
Analytical MethodsColorimetry, turbidimetry, Indirect ISE(Optional)
Test Menu Applications : 80 Programmable testsPhotometric Tests, Serum Indices (LIH)HbA1c, and ISE(Optional)
Onboard Parameters Up to 80 Photometric Tests + 3 ISEs (Na,K,Cl)
Throughput240 Tests/Hour, Up to 480 Tests/Hour with ISE (Optional)
Sample TypesSerum, Plasma, Urine, Whole blood and other fluids
Sample CapacitySample Tray – 40 samples, continuous loading, any position can be used as STAT, CAL & QC.
Sample Volume2µl-35 µl in 0.1 µl increments
Sample barcode formatsCode 128, Code 39, Code 93, Codebar, I2 of 5
Reagent Capacity40 positions for (R1+R2,detergent position) refrigerated 2 °C-12°C
Bottle Size20 mL,70 mL
Reagent Volume10 µl-300 µl, step 0.1 µl increments
Total Reaction Volume100 µl-360 µl
Reaction CuvettesSemi-disposable Cuvettes
Reaction Temperature37°C ± 0.1°C
Photometric Range0-3.5 OD
WavelengthFlat field grating type beam-splitting system, simultaneous photometric data collection and processing of 12 different wavelengths; 340 nm, 380 nm, 405 nm, 450 nm, 480 nm, 505 nm, 546 nm, 570 nm, 600 nm, 660 nm, 700 nm, 800 nm
Calibration1-point end point assay, 2-rate point assay, 2-point end point assay, rate-A assay, Logit-Log3P, Logit-Log4P, Logit-Log5P, Exponential, Spline, Broken Line, Multipoint linear
Quality ControlWestgard rules, Levey Jennings graph
Automated Sample Pre-DilutionRepeat run with increased or decreased sample volume or sample pre-dilution
OnlineUni and Bi-directional host query communications
Dimensions(mm) & Weight (Kg)744×703×530(L×W×H); Approximately 100
Power Supply100V-240V~ 50/60Hz
Water Supply InformationMean Water consumption: 3 L/Hour
Water TypeDeionized CAP Type II; Bacterial Free