Sys 200

  • Discrete, throughput of 240 photometry tests per hour
  • Rear spectrophotometry of holographic concave flat field grating, cluster- optical path, and supermicro volume detection of reaction Solution
  • 60 nm polished probe, liquid level detection & collision protection
  • Multifunctional sample and reagent disc, sample position and reagent position are user defined proportionately according to the requirement
  • Cuvette auto rinsing and blank cuvette detection sample rerun and dilution function
  • User defined input of patient information & graphical software

Technical Specifications

Wavelengths Rear spectrophotometry system with holographic concave flat-grating; 12 wavelengths can be collected and measured simultaneously. Wavelengths:340 nm, 380 nm, 405 nm, 450 nm, 480 nm, 505 nm, 546 nm, 570 nm, 600 nm, 660 nm, 700 nm, 800 nm
Wavelength Precision ± 2 nm
Reaction Temp 37ºC
Temp Control Precision ± 1ºC
Test Items 57 colorimetric items at most
Test Methods 1-point end assay, 2-point end assay, 2-point rate assay, rate-A assay
Speed Constant rate 200 tests /hr
Reagent/Sample Disk Reagent and sample share a disk of 67 positions
Reagent Vol 10µL~450µL, 0.5µL, as a unit to increase
Reagent Bottle Vol 20mL, 70mL, 100mL
Reagent Storage Temp 4ºC~12ºC
Liquid Level Sensor Digital level sensor, volume tracing, integrated with sample probe
Sample Types Blood, urine, CSF
Sample Barcode Reading System 1 built-in barcode reader (optional, for routine samples and reagents)
Sample Vol 3µL~35µL, 0.05µL, as a unit to increase
Liquid Level Sensor Digital level sensor, volume tracing, probe-blocking detection, probe collision-proof
Data Interface RS 232
LIS/HIS Connection Can be connected
Cuvette Type Discrete
Cuvette Optical Diameter 6 mm
Reaction Positions 6 sets, 20 pos /set, 120 in total
Reaction Solution Volume 150µL~550µL
Light Source 20W/12V long-service-life quartz halogen lamp
Absorbance Range 0 Abs~3.3 Abs
QC Linear and non-linear calibration, auto-calibration and manual calibration real-time QC, daily QC, day-to-day QC with double-concentration method
Auto Rinse Cuvettes, reagent probe, mixing rod, auto-rinsing
Mix System Separate mixing after reagent dispensing
Weight approx. 120 kg
Dimensions (mm) 998 x 752 x 517 (L x W x H)
Power Consumption 650 VA