QDx Hemostat

Anaemia is an invisible public health problem of global concern. Iron-deficiency anaemia (IDA) alone was rated as third major cause of disability worldwide. It is high time, focus is shifted from preventive to cause specific curative action in anaemia control. To identify patients that would require treatment, various clinical methods has been recommended. These clinical methods should be simple, cost-effective, user-friendly point of care diagnostic devices (POCDs) that have acceptable test accuracy parameters, and margin of error within ±1 g/dl of true haemoglobin value. QDx Hemostat is handheld instrument which can be used to screen anaemia.

  • Quantitative determination of haemoglobin count
  • Based on Electrochemistry Biochemical Method to give good reproducibility of result
  • Convenient to use with strip based technology
  • Quick result in 5 seconds with finger prick blood (1µL)