QDx Urilyzer DS 100

Urinalysis "Help for today Hope for tomorrow"

Urine test are useful tool in a clinical diagnostic study. Their ease of use yielding quick and reliable information on pathological changes in the urine. Their significance lies primarily in first-line diagnostics. Routine testing with multi-parameter strips allows a determination of the complete urine status. This is the first step in the diagnosis of a very wide range of diseases.

Indications for urine test:

• Screening for prevention
• Treatment monitoring
• Patient self-testing

Screening for prevention

Urine test strips are routinely used for screening both in hospitals and in general practice. The aim of screening is early identification of likely patients by examining large groups of the population.

Routine examinations can reveal early symptoms of the following four disease groups:

• Kidney diseases
• Urinary tract infections
• Carbohydrate metabolism disorders (such as diabetes mellitus)
• Liver disease and hemolytic disorders
• Cardiovascular disease 

Treatment monitoring

Treatment monitoring with the aid of urine test strips allows the treating doctor to check on the results of the prescribed therapy, and if necessary to introduce any changes into the therapeutic strategy. An additional benefit of such monitoring is improved patient compliance.

QDx DS 10

• Especially designed strips with unique sequence
• End point reactions with Zero Ascorbic acid interference
• Dual reporting of parameters (Qualitative “+”) as well as Quantitative “mg/dL”)
• DS 11 ACR strips with quantitative analysis of Urine Creatinine & Micro-albumin with calculated ACR ratio

Urinalysis: Instrument

DS 100 analyzer helps to eliminate any subjective errors in urine strip testing & reading. Hence it remarkably contributes towards correct diagnosis of patient ailments also it provides dual reporting system Qualitative (+, ++) & Quantitative mg/dL.

Product Description:

DS 100 Urine Analyzer is a simple, convenient & reliable solution for routine clinical laboratories and doctor clinics. It helps in automated measurement and evaluation of urine test strips.

QDx Urilyzer DS 100


• Test principle: Photoelectric colorimetric
• Dual reporting system quantitative in mg/dL and qualitative in (+,++)
• Compatible with DS11 ACR,DS10 parameter and DS11 Mau test strip’s
• Special recognition patch on Urine strip’s for locking the instrument for test
• No interference of Ascorbic acid on test strip’s
• Instrument wavelengths, providing better accuracy of test results (420 nm, 525 nm, 560 nm, 610 nm, 660 nm, 950 nm
• Instrument throughput of 120 Test/hour on fast mode and 60 Test/hour on slow mode
• Data memory of 1000 tests
• In built thermal printer


Product Features:

• Two measuring modes (Standard: 60 samples/h & Fast Mode:120 samples/h)
 • Calculation of Microalbumin & Creatinine ratio along with quantified values
• Easy operation via touchscreen
• Sample label barcode reading facility(optional)
• Inbuilt thermal printer

Product Applications:

Automated reading of Urine test strips avoiding subjective errors in visual reading