Early marker for kidney damage

Albumin is a type of protein which is filtered from kidneys and utilized for muscle growth and other body functions. Sometimes low amounts of albumin are found in urine, this may mean that the kidneys are functioning properly. In case there is a rise in albumin levels in urine, it may result in Albuminuria. Microalbuminuria simply indicates that albumin is abnormally present in your urine. In case you are detected with Microalbuminuria, it indicates improper functioning of glomerulus and may be a sign of developing chronic kidney condition.

The recommended method to evaluate albuminuria is to measure urinary ACR in a spot urine sample. Albumin-to-creatinine ratio (ACR) is an indicator & primary method to detect elevated levels of protein in urine. ACR is calculated by dividing albumin concentration in milligrams by creatinine concentration in grams.

Clinical significance of Albumin/Creatinine ratio from Urine:

Albumin testing in urine requires 24 hr collection of urine from the patient. It is collected because albumin value changes with respect to the water intake throughout the day. Meanwhile, creatinine excretion rate is constant. ACR ratio is always calculated with respect to creatinine. Hence ACR value is considered reliable to check levels of elevated protein and important parameter to check the kidney function.

QDx Urine mALB/CREA :

QDx Urine mALB/CREA is fast and economical solution to check the Albumin – Creatinine ratio or check the levels of Microalbumin.

  • Linearity of albumin: 500 mg/L.
  • No 24hr urine collection is required for testing.
  • End point reaction.
  • Sensitivity of albumin: 22 mg/L.
  • Automated evaluation of ACR with the help of QDx UriLyzer 100 Pro.
  • Manual interpretation of ACR with the help of Label Chart.
  • Within 60 sec, results are obtained for Microalbumin, Creatinine as well as for Albumin – Creatinine Ratio.

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