QDx Urine Test DS 4 MAU

  • Free from ascorbic acid and high temperature interference (no false negative results)
  • End Point Reaction - all the parameters can be read at same time (avoids perception bias)
  • High sensitivity for all parameters including microalbumin
  • Reliable results
  • Important parameter of microalbuminuria serves as an early indicator diabetic nephropathy
  • Bottle provided with double desiccant to keep the urine strip dehumidified for longer period thus, increasing the shelf life of the product
    Pack size: 100 strips /vial
    Shelf life: 24 months from the date of manufacturing

QDx4 MAU – Urine test strip with microalbumin

We are pleased to introduce the unique QDx 4 MAU urine test strip. QDx 4 MAU detects glucose, protein, ketones and microalbumin in urine at the same time, therefore enabling complete screening in diabetic nephropathy. The combined test strip including microalbumin gives benefits to common glucose-ketone strips and glucose-ketone-protein strips and could replace them in the market.

Microalbumin in urine is an early indicator of kidney damage in diabetes (diabetic nephropathy) and patients with high blood pressure. 15% of all dialyses due to irreversible kidney damage in diabetics could be avoided by early detection and therapy and many more could be delayed for years.Microalbuminuria is an indicator for increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, too. Increased albumin concentrations can be an early indicator for tissue damage due to atherosclerosis. Another application of microalbumin is the screening for pre-eclampsia (hypertension in pregnancy).