QDx Dengue Combo

Efficient and accurate diagnosis of dengue is of primary importance for clinical care. Dengue virus infection produces a broad spectrum of symptoms, many of which are non-specific. Thus, a diagnosis based only on clinical symptoms is unreliable. After the onset of illness, the virus can be detected in serum, plasma, circulating blood cells and other tissues for 4–5 days using various method. Antibody response to infection differs according to the immune status of the host The patients develop a primary antibody response characterized by a slow increase of specific antibodies. IgM antibodies are the first immunoglobulin isotype to appear. These antibodies are detectable in 50% of patients by days 3-5 after onset of illness. Anti-dengue serum IgG is generally detectable at the end of the first week of illness, increasing slowly thereafter and develops memory cells. Early laboratory confirmation of clinical diagnosis may be valuable because some patients progress over a short period from mild to severe disease and sometimes to death. Early intervention may be life-saving. QDx Dengue Combo is qualitative test for differential diagnosis of early, critical and past infection due to dengue virus using NS1 antigen and IgG/IgM antibody.