QDx Malaria Pv/Pf

Nearly half of the world's population is at risk of malaria infection. Some population groups are at considerably higher risk of getting infected with malaria, and developing severe complication in compare to others.

Early diagnosis and treatment of malaria should take place within 24 hrs. of the onset of symptoms. However, delay in malaria diagnosis and treatment may risk the infected person life .

QDx Malaria test can help clinicians to reduce the risk caused by malarial parasite by quickly diagnosing the type of infection followed by immediate treatment

  • It is Antigen detection kit for differential diagnosis of P. falciparum from P. vivax infection with in 5-20 minutes
  • Its dual band interpretation brings ease of interpretation
  • Its analytical sensitivity of 25 parasite/µL for Pv and 12 parasite/µL for Pf reduces chances of under diagnosis.