Precision Made Easy

InnovaStar® is an automatic compact POCT analyzer for the daily practice that delivers result quality comparable to measurements on laboratory analyzers.

Easy to use

No special knowledge and extended training is required to operate the system. Testing is made easy with unit-dose reagents and precalibrated tests. The system is calibrated automatically with parameter cards which come with every test package.

Individual hematocrit correction

InnovaStar® uses the individual hematocrit correction to avoid inaccurate calculations of whole blood glucose into plasma glucose. The instrument measures the individual hemoglobin concentration (hematocrit value and Hb concentration are correlated) of a whole blood sample. The measured hemoglobin value is the basis to generate the individual compensation factor for the calculation of whole blood glucose into plasma glucose for each sample – thus providing true glucose values.


High-quality reagents from DiaSys, freedom from interference, and a photometer detection unit with outstanding linearity are the guarantee for highest possible precision.


Currently available are tests for HbA1c, glucose and hemoglobin. The future-oriented multiple-testing principle allows for easy expansion of the test portfolio, e.g. for the early detection of kidney disease.

Performance data

Parameter HbA1c IS CRP IS
Measuring Range
(units selectable)
3 - 14 %DCCT
9 - 130 mmol/mol
2 - 160 mg/L (Plasma)
5 - 400 mg/L (Whole Blood)
Precision (CV%) <2% at 6.24% DCCT 3.1% at 4.11mg/L (Whole Blood)
Sample specimen Whole Blood Whole Blood / Plasma
Sample Volume Determination of all analytes from 10 µl whole blood
Measuring Time 6.5 minutes to result
Shelf Life 18 months 18 months

Performance data (continued)

Glucose Hemoglobin
Measuring Range
(units selectable)
15 - 800 mg/dL
0.83 - 44.4 mmol/L
5 - 25 g/dL
Precision (CV%) 1.3% at 125 mg/L0.79% at 14.5 g/dL
Sample specimen Whole Blood
Sample VolumeDetermination of all analytes from 10 µl whole blood
Measuring Time6.5 minutes to result
Shelf Life 18 months

Technical Specifications

Barcode Identification Automatic barcode scan for reagents; optional barcode scanner for samples
Calibration Pre-calibrated tests
Data Storage 50 results
Measurement Principle Photometric / Turbidimetric
Method Storage Up to 19 different methods or lots
EDP Interface RS232 connection; USB connection via adapter
Dimensions 20 cm (W) x 15 cm (H) x 17 cm (D)
Weight 4 kg

Ordering Information

Cat. No. Description
1 3329 99 10 760 HbA1c IS, 100 tests
2 7069 99 10 760 CRP IS, 100 tests
2 7069 99 10 761 CRP IS, 50 tests
1 2491 99 10 760 Glucose/Hemoglobin IS, 100 tests
970113 10 x 100 Sample Cups InnovaStar 10/500
920709 10 x 100 Open End capillaries 10 µl
970115 300 mL System Solution InnovaStar