With the growing potential for point of care testing to improve healthcare in the developing world, timely detection of infectious diseases has gained momentum for laboratories. Developers of such devices have been guided by more specific design & performance criteria due to regulations. These are to ensure that the technology can address the needs of the user in a clinically and cost-effective manner. DiaSys India has been providing PoCT solution from past 7 years with QDx Instacheck™ Analyzer which is based on immunofluorescence technology. With more than 1500+ installation QDx Instacheck™ is the no. 1 PoCT device for Procalcitonin testing in India. Many multispeciality hospitals are using QDx Instacheck™ for Procalcitonin assay as it is easy to use with results exhibiting high degree of correlation with reference methods.

To continue its legacy, DiaSys India comes with new QDx Instacheck-II™ analyzer which is the most effective & advance immunofluorescence assay analyzer for laboratories to provide most accurate and reliable results for infectious markers along with cardiac, diabetic, cancer, auto immune diseases, hormones and many more bio-markers.

QDx Instacheck-II™ Principle:

QDx Instacheck-II™ a fluorescence and Europium nanoparticle scanning instrument to be used in conjunction with various QDx Instacheck-II™ Immunoassay Tests which are based on antigen-antibody reaction and fluorescence technology. QDx Instacheck-II™ uses a semiconductor diode laser as the excitation light source for illuminating the test cartridge membrane thereby triggering fluorescence from the fluorochrome molecules present on the membrane. The fluorescent light is collected with the scattered laser light. Pure fluorescence is filtered from the mixture of the scattered and fluoresced light. Intensity of the fluorescence is scanned and converted into an electric signal which is proportional to the intensity of fluorescence produced on the test cartridge membrane. The on-board microprocessor computes concentration of the analyte in the clinical specimen based on a pre-programmed calibration. The computed and converted result is displayed on the display screen of the QDx Instacheck-II™.



  • Advanced Time Resolved Fluorescence (TRF) Technology
  • Large 7” color touch screen
  • In-built printer
  • Pictorial test procedures
  • Enhanced connectivity with LAN, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth dongle (optional)
  • Built-in timers (for multi-mode)
  • Enhanced connectivity with LAN, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth dongle (optional)
  • QC & System check on-board with scheduling
  • Graphical monitoring QC & system check results
  • 1,000 Result storage & 1,000 QC storage
  • Internal battery and electricity mode
  • System upgrade via SD Card

Item Specification
Product Name QDx Instacheck-IITM
PrincipleFluorescence and Europium Nanoparticle Immunoassay Time resolved fluorescence (TRF) technology
Display7-inch touch color LCD
Motor Stepper Linear Actuators (5 V, 0.34 A)
Communication portsUSB 4 ports, LAN Port, USB OTG port
Operation temperature /humidityTemperature: 15 - 35 °C, Humidity: 10 - 70 % (non-condensing)
Storage temperature /humidity Temperature: -20 - 50 °C, Humidity: 10 - 70 % (non-condensing)
OutputLCD, Inbuilt printer
Memory Storage
  • Patient test: 1,000 results
  • System check test results: 500 results
  • Control materials test results: 1,000 results
PowerDC 12 V / 5 A AC / DC Adaptor
Input: 100. 240 V ~ 50 / 60 Hz, 1.5 A
Output: DC 12 V / 5 A
Battery: DC 1.5 V x 4 each
Dimensions276 mm (W) X 220 mm (L) X 91 mm (H)
Weight1.3 kg