QDx Urilyzer DS 500

A semi-automated urine analyzer with advanced high luminosity cold light source with 4 wavelengths,which improves the sensitivity, accuracy, specificity and reduces the interference from ambient light.

Technical Specifications

  • 4 Test wavelengths, providing better accuracy of results (525 nm, 572 nm, 610 nm, 660 nm)
  • Test principle: Photoelectric colorimetry
  • Can read QDx Urine Test 10 and 11 MAU
  • Test throughput of 514 strips/hour
  • Data memory of 2000 tests
  • In built thermal printer
  • Computer Interface and parallel printer port
  • Colour compensation patch on strip along with highly sensitive blanker on instrument´s tray which eliminates bias due to dark-colour urine samples
  • Provision for microalbumin testing
  • Automatically rectify the test results influenced by non-specificity, pH, specific gravity and colour
  • Large LCD touch-screen
  • Waste urine collecting system
  • Dual reporting in mg/dL as well as plus system (+,++)
  • Provision for connecting to barcode reader and external printer
  • Calibration strip for calibrating instrument