DiaSys India provides complete hematology solutions from 3 part diff. to 5 part diff. instruments, reagents along with controls and calibrators as well as traceability certificates. Quality in hematology begins with the sampling of whole blood. All hematology analyzers promoted by DiaSys India employ macro sampling with rotary valves, a technology mostly used in high end 5 part analyzers. This state-of-the art technology ensures precise and accurate aspiration for highest result quality.

With more than 1000 installations of hematology analyzers throughout India with many in premium labs and  hospitals, you can count on DiaSys India for your hematology requirements.

Micro SamplingMacro Sampling
15-29 µl of blood is aspirated by Teflon plunger based syringe90-100 µl of blood is aspirated by SSRV (Stainless Steel Rotary Valve)
Presision in accuray of aspiration of sample is not maintainedPrecision in accuracy of aspiration of sample is maintained
Sample aspirated along whith air bubbles & EDTA powder is taken for WBC dilutionCentre part of sample is taken (free of air bubbles & EDTA) for WBC dilution
Improper dilution affects the quality of resultProper & accurate sampling & subsequent dilution maintains the quality of result
Available in 3 part diff to cut down the price of the equipementTechnology available only in 5 parts