The number of diabetes incidences are increasing rapidly. Screening and early detection have the possibility to avoid severe complications because of Diabetes. However, success in screening or diagnosing diabetes totally depends on convenient & reliable HbA1c detection systems.

The QDx A1c Advance system is an IVD device for measuring the percentage of Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) along with estimated average blood glucose by unique Bead (Resin) Affinity chromatography method. Analysis of HbA1c test is possible with both Capillary & Venous anti-coagulated whole blood samples.

QDx A1c Advance test require small blood sample volume of 3.5µL and short testing time of 4 minutes & 30 seconds.

QDx A1c Advance system is Compact, Convenient, Reliable. It’s one step, easy to use system useful for Laboratory, Hospitals, and Doctors Clinic.

Product Features

  • One step testing
  • Auto calibrated individual test cassettes
  • Reagent refrigeration storage not required
  • Built-in thermal printer
  • Data transfer with USB
  • Memory Storage: 5000 Tests + 500 QC
  • Color LCD touch screen
  • Voice & video guided test instructions
  • CE, NGSP & I FCC certified