QDx Urine10 Pro

QDx Urine10 Pro - Urine test strips are easy-to-use, fast, cost-effective and provide reliable information on pathological changes.

QDx Urine10 Pro are intended to be used as a screening test for:

• Kidney diseases and urinary tract infections

• Metabolic disorders like diabetes mellitus

• Liver and hemolytic diseases

• Furthermore, they are used to monitor the success of a prescribed therapy or to self-monitor the metabolic situation of diabetic patients.

Salient Features :

QDx Urine10 Pro has excellent ascorbic acid protection for Glucose, Protein and Blood.

QDx Urine10 Pro bottle labels use “Lackdruck” printing method.

• The “Lacquer Printing” label guarantees a precise comparison of the color changes.