QDx Instacheck-II™

QDx Instacheck-II™ a fluorescence and Europium nanoparticle scanning instrument to be used in conjunction with various QDx Instacheck-II™ Immunoassay Tests which are based on antigen-antibody reaction and fluorescence technology. QDx Instacheck-II™ uses a semiconductor diode laser as the excitation light source for illuminating the test cartridge membrane thereby triggering fluorescence from the fluorochrome molecules present on the membrane. The fluorescent light is collected with the scattered laser light. Pure fluorescence is filtered from the mixture of the scattered and fluoresced light. Intensity of the fluorescence is scanned and converted into an electric signal which is proportional to the intensity of fluorescence produced on the test cartridge membrane. The on-board microprocessor computes concentration of the analyte in the clinical specimen based on a pre-programmed calibration. The computed and converted result is displayed on the display screen of the QDx Instacheck-II™.

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QDx Instacheck™

  • Instant quantitative results in 3 - 15 minutes
  • Wide range of immunologic tests
  • Single chip calibration
  • Good correlation with reference lab instruments
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QDx A1c

• One step testing

• Auto calibrated individual test cassettes

• Reagent refrigeration storage not required

• Built-in thermal printer

• Data transfer with USB

• Memory Storage: 5000 Tests + 500 QC

• Color LCD touch screen

• Voice & video guided test instructions

• CE, NGSP & I FCC certified

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