QDx Instacheck™ the most powerful POC diagnostic system that allows patients to have an easy access to the medical treatment, not only in major hospitals ICU’s and NICU’s or laboratories but also in doctor’s clinics and even near the site of patient care. QDx Instacheck™ Reader is 1st of kind point-of-care diagnostic device in Indian Market which performs 15 clinical parameters with quantitative results just in 3 to 15 minutes.

  • Compact and portable (only 1.2 Kg)
  • Widest growing test menu
  • Quantitative results in 3 to 15 mins
  • Convenient and reliable sampling 
  • Universal sampling - whole blood, serum, plasma
  • Results comparable to labs 
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Single chip calibration - no need to plot curve 
  • Minimum training required 
  • Lateral flow laser induced fluorescence method
  • CE marked
  • Widest Tests Menu: Never before in any point-of-care device
InterfaceIntuitive, and easy-to-use interface allows fast patient sample treatment and search of stored data
PortabilityEasy to carry and install due to light weight and stability
Data storage100 patient test results are storable
Optical technologyOptical module optimized for the immunofluorescence test
Measurement modesSingle and multiple modes
ConvenienceDesigned to be simple and easy to use by using 5 keys on the front of the device
ConnectivityConnectivity Test result is printable by the accessory
Dimensions250 mm (L) x 185 mm (W) x 80 mm (H)
Weight1.2 Kg
Power supply100-240 V AC
Permissible humidity conditionLess than 70%
Requirement for settlementVibration prohibited, direct exposure to sunlight is avoided, clean, dry, and leveled place
Light sourceLaser, 2.5mW, 637nm
DetectorSilicon Photo Diode/td



  • QDx Instacheck TSH (WB)
  • QDx Instacheck TSH (S/P)
  • QDX Instacheck PCT 10 T
  • QDx Instacheck hsCRP all in one
  • QDx Instacheck LH
  • QDx Instacheck Beta-hCG
  • QDx Instacheck Microalbumin
  • QDx Instacheck Prolactin
  • QDx Instacheck Ferritin
  • QDx Instacheck FSH
  • QDx Instacheck Troponin I
  • QDx Instacheck T3
  • QDx Instacheck T4
  • QDx Instacheck Vit D
  • QDx Instacheck HbA1c
  • QDx Instacheck D-Dimer
  • QDx Instacheck CK-MB
  • QDx Instacheck Myoglobin
  • QDx Instacheck Cortisol
  • QDx Instacheck Testosterone
  • QDx Instacheck Progesterone
  • QDx Instacheck RF IgM
  • QDx Instacheck iFOB Neo
  • QDx Instacheck Calprotectin
  • QDx Instacheck Cystatin C
  • QDx Instacheck PCT Control